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Our river La Sorgue

Celebrated by the greatest poets, from Petrarch, who lived in Fontaine de Vaucluse, to René Char, the Sorgue is above all the symbol of an osmosis between men and the surrounding nature.

Banks, docks, wash houses, paddlewheels, canals and fishermen with their strange boats called Nego Chin are the scenes of a wonderful daily theater.

Fishing, agricultural production, wool and silk factories, parties and local games: the course of activities on Isle sur la Sorgue has always been linked to that of the river.

Even today, we feel the influence of this intimate relationship.

In the city, it is good to stroll along the quays and wander following the water.

In the coolness of a relaxing greenery, one can let one's mind go to daydreaming.

Camping in front of the Sorgue

Streams, canals and arms of Sorgue wind in the city, from Fontaine de Vaucluse, where the river has its source, to the Sharing of Waters, a poetic place to wish, a paradise for fishermen, dreamers and ducks ... Our campsite three Star is right in front of the river Sorgue.

Activities around the Sorgue

The activities around La Sorgue are numerous : interpretation trail from downtown to water sharing, city tours with guide of the Tourist Office and nature tours with the ambassadors of the Sorgue.

Walks and cycling, regulated fishing, canoeing, and of course lazing and refresh !

Isle sur la Sorgue, World village

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