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Isle sur la Sorgue and its river

Art and culture in Isle sur la Sorgue, near Avignon

  Isle sur la Sorgue is a marvellous small provence town, surrounded by waterways. You will love its charme, its typical wooden water wheels, pretty bridges and its baroque church. The river is lined with small terrasses, cafés and restaurants. 

For many years, antiques dealers and flea markets have chosen the town as their fief. Countless bargain-hunters and small collectors come here to find the object or piece of furniture of their dreams.

Its famous typical provençal Sunday morning market is enchanting !

Take a walk through this showcase of culture, following the maze of pretty roads, crisscrossed by canals and past art galleries, the Campredon Museum, the Filaventure, the Villa Datris, etc.... 

We love the sweetness of the Isle sur la Sorgue way of life, surrounded by the song of the cicadas, its traditions, its celebrations linked to the water, to fishing, to the antiques and to painting. We are truly in Provence !

The freshness of Provence !

  Celebrated by the most famous poets, from Pétrarqua, who has lived in Fontaine de Vaucluse, to René Char, the Sorgue is the symbol of an osmosis between man and the surrounding nature

The riverbanks, the quais, the lavoirs (washing places), the water-wheels, the canals and the fishermen with their strange-looking barges that are called Nego Chin, establish the scenes for a marvellous daily-life theatre. 

Fishing, agricultural production, the fabrication of wool and silk, the celebrations and local tournaments : the course of activities in Isle sur la Sorgue has always been linked to that of the river.

Still today, one can feel the influence of this intimate relationship. In town, it is a good idea to let yourself drift along the quais and roam the streets, following the water.

Follow the Sorgue !

  Getting to know Isle sur la Sorgue, how can you not fall in love with it ?

Just wander around or let yourself be guided by one of the following:

- interpretive trail from the town center to the « partage des eaux » (water divide),

- walking or biking trails along the canals,

- guided tours of the town offered by the tourist office, or nature walks with the « Ambassadors of the Sorgue ».

L'Isle sur la Sorgue is known as « the Venice » of its region (« la Venise Comtadine »). Not to forget its 300 days of sunshine per year !

Isle sur la Sorgue, Village-Monde

  Here, we are defined by a positive attitude.

We share the dream of making our « global village » an example for the positive town of tomorrow, applying a good citizenship approach, which is sustainable and altruistic in the development of our area. 

Discover the town 's « Global Village » manifest for tourism !

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